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I recently was trying to find information online on how to add a Pinterest feed box to my Squarespace sidebar, and I couldn't find much on the subject, other than some online forum talk of how you could do it through the Developer site on Pinterest.

Lucky for me (and you!) it's very easy to do with some simple copy and pasting of code into the Code Block of your Squarespace page!

Step One

The first step is to make sure you're logged in to your Pinterest business site. From there, you want to go to the Pinterest Developers website (click the link to go there).

Next, click on the bottom menu where it says "Pin it Button." Then, look at the top menu and choose "Tools."

Pinterest Developer menu


Step Two

There you'll see the Widget Builder menu. This is where you will select which type of Pinterest widget you'd like. For the widget to show up on my sidebar I selected the "Profile" option. For Size, you will choose the size you need for your website. I chose "sidebar" since that's where I was placing it. You can, however, choose from square, sidebar, header or create your own (where you put in your custom pixel dimensions) - in order to match where you'd like to place the widget on your site.

Pinterest Widget Builder

Step Three

Customize the board to your profile. Where it says "Pinterest board URL," enter your Pinterest Business account URL. That way your Pinterest feed will show up, and not the generic Pinterest feed. For example, my Pinterest Business Account name is "evermintdesigns." You can find yours by going to your Pinterest profile, then looking up at the browser URL bar. It will look like this: "" So you will need to enter your whole URL in that window, see my example below:


Step Four

Go to the page in your Squarespace site where you'd like your Pinterest feed to show up. I chose my sidebar, but other options would be: at the end of each blog post, at the footer of your website, or on your About page. Simply choose to add a "Code Block," (by clicking the teardrop icon) then copy and paste the code from the Pinterest Developer site into the Code Block box on your site. Hit "Save" and the Pinterest box will be entered into your site. Take a look to see how the Pinterest box fits, and if needed, you can adjust the pixel ratio within the code to fit your site better. By adjusting the width and height within the code you can customize the box to show up just how you'd like.

squarespace code block

Important: Make sure to hit "refresh" to refresh your page, as the Pinterest feed won't immediately show up. And, viola! Your custom Pinterest feed is now showing on your Squarespace site! Enjoy!

Here is how the Pinterest Feed looks in my sidebar:

Pinterest feed in sidebar

Here is how it will look if you enter the Pinterest feed within a blog post. For this option, I selected "Profile" and edited the "data-pin-scale-height" to be "200" and "data-pin-scale-width" to be "130." If you'd like to check out my Pinterest feed full of awesome blog and business tips, click below!


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