How I Got Serious in My Design Business with Freelance Academy

Hey all!

Today I'm giving you a behind-the-scenes look at Lauren from Elle & Co's flagship course, Freelance Academy! I took this course last year, because I was failing at gaining new clients for my business, staying organized and making an income.

I was lacking focus, carrying an inconsistent message with my brand, I needed help big time!

Here's a little peek into what you can learn with this course, and how I got serious in my own design business by taking Freelance Academy, in order to attract my ideal clients.

(*Please note: the above links are my affiliate links, and I may receive a small commission should you choose to enroll in Freelance Academy :) )

You start by finding your ideal client, and your niche

Lauren is great at getting you to start from square one and take an honest look at who your ideal client would be for your services, right down to what their hobbies are and where they like to shop. This helps you to keep that ideal client in mind when you are crafting your service packages. Think of what that person would need for their business, and how you are going to attract that ideal person to work with you.

Your niche can be a little bit trickier to figure out. But, Lauren has a method of simplifying that process for you. When you figure out which services you really would like to focus on, try narrowing down your packages to 3 at the most. That way, you can increase the value for your clients (by including all the items they would need within the package), take on less clients per month, really focus on delivering results for your clients - with the added bonus of increasing your income. 

This course really helps you to stop saying that you are a "Jack of all trades" who will do "all the things" and just focus on what you are good at/like doing in order to be successful.

Learn to streamline your processes

There are day-to-day things we all dislike doing in our businesses, that take us away from the fun things we like to do - like creating! Whether it is blogging, posting to our social media accounts, responding to client inquiries, or accounting - Lauren teaches you the tools and techniques you can use to decrease the overwhelm of these day-to-day tasks. 

She goes over in-depth how to create an editorial calendar that will help you keep on track with content that you are creating for each month. She also gives you a helpful workbook that goes through blog post ideas, so you never run dry! She also emphasizes the importance of batching your content, so that you always have something prepared to schedule ahead of time.

Motivating Q & A Webinars Throughout the Course

I don't know what it is, but Lauren just has this way about her teaching that is very motivating! Throughout the course there were a few Q & A webinars where Lauren would answer our questions, and help us with things we were stuck on. These were very helpful and kept me going throughout the course! Also, within the course videos, Lauren's teaching style is organized and straightforward, and keeps you engaged and on track. I was super excited every time a new lesson was released and I couldn't wait to get into the content!

Pricing Your Packages

One of the greatest parts of this course I found was really finding out how much time it takes you to complete your services, for example, a web design project. Lauren has you go step-by-step and figure out exactly how long it takes you to complete a task within your service. This gives you a great idea of how many total hours you actually spend on a project. From there, she helps you to price your packages in a way that you are adding value for your client, but not underpricing your services.

Client Communication

Lauren really digs in and shows you step-by-step how she handles her own client process, and how to handle any challenges that may come up along the way. From start to finish she shows you the best way to communicate with your clients, from on-boarding, proposals, navigating contracts and invoices, to wrapping things up! I've found myself going back and referencing this information as I've worked with my own clients, and it's been a huge time-saver. Every service should always start out with great communication, as it's so beneficial for a smooth client process!

Wrapping Up

Freelance Academy was a huge learning experience for me, and changed the way I run my freelance graphic and web design business. I've seen great growth in the number of clients I've booked this year, and will continue to grow by having taken this course.

Lauren is a great teacher, and has scaled her own business in an unbelievable way, that she is so inspiring to learn from!

Freelance Academy is currently open for enrollment! 

Have you always wanted to break out on your own and start making a full-time income as a designer? Are you tired of your 9-5 job, but don't quite know how to make things work on your own?

By the end of this course, students can expect to:

  • Pare down their offerings and specialize
  • Attract and book clients
  • Build a portfolio that appeals to their ideal clients
  • Set up their business legally and keep up with business finances
  • Build and price their service packages
  • Refine their client process and improve client communication
  • Handle critiques and cut down on revisions
  • Balance multiple projects and meet deadlines

(*Please note: the above links are my affiliate links, and I may receive a small commission should you choose to enroll in Freelance Academy :) )

If you have any questions about Freelance Academy, or are interested in learning more about the course, feel free to comment below!

Happy Freelancing!