Brand Showcase for Cassandra, The Songstress of Magic

Let's dive in to the brand and website design for my recent client, Cassandra - the Songstress of Magic

I was so honored to create a design for my recent client, Cassandra, The Songstress of Magic, with a new brand and website design!

Brand and Web Design Showcase - Cassandra

Cassandra is a magician based in New York City - how cool is that?! She entertains at corporate and private events with her dazzling magic show and slight of hand. This project was one of my favorites because it encompassed a fun and gatsby-style design, and helped showcase Cassandra's amazing talent!

B R A N D  I N S P I R A T I O N

Cassandra wanted a geometric, gatsby-style logo and art deco color scheme, so I had her go right to work crafting her Pinterest board - pinning any images that she loved, and thought would fit well within her brand. She was going for a old-timey magic feel, and I think she nailed it! I use this phase of exploration for inspiration, and to see how my clients want their brand visually represented. Cassandra did a great job pulling together some amazing pins and as you can see below, here was her mood board that I designed based on her pins:

Cassandra, Inspiration Board

L O G O  D E S I G N

Next, I went to work designing her main logo. I started out with some loose sketches, which gives me an idea of where I want to start. Then, I head straight into Adobe Illustrator to begin creating her logo.

Here's a peek at the initial concepts I sent Cassandra based on her input:

Cassandra, Logo Design 1
Cassandra, Logo Design 2
Cassandra, Logo Design 3

Cassandra liked the 2nd version but had some slight revisions. We changed up the "C" for a smoother effect, and I added in stars - which was an element that Cassandra definitely wanted to see in the design! We worked together to come up with something she loved, and the end result was so fun! Here it is below, with some gold accents added in:

Cassandra, Final Logo Design

After the final logo design was approved, I went ahead and created her secondary logo (this can be used on your website, or any other place you need a circular smaller logo, like on a business card or for your watermark), and favicon (this is a small icon that will show up in your browser tab for your website). Here is the result:

Cassandra, secondary logos and favicon design

B U S I N E S S  C A R D  D E S I G N

I also designed Cassandra's business cards using a gold cross-hatch texture that I custom-created for her. These 2-sided business cards were printed on a Silk Laminate paper that gave off a smooth, matte feel that she was looking for.

Cassandra, Business Card Design

In addition to the custom texture I created for Cassandra, I also found another teal/gold texture that would complement her brand color scheme well - and also a gold glitter texture I used throughout her website. Check out the result of her brand board:

Brand Board for Cassandra, the Songstress of Magic

W E B S I T E  D E S I G N

Next up was her website design. Cassandra had some stunning photos taken recently by Stephen Dillon Photography and we really wanted to showcase that! I love the use of her magic props, and the pops of bright color throughout the website. I created custom icons for the home page, as a "call-to-action" menu, to direct her site visitors to pertinent pages. I also incorporated her brand textures, to keep things looking cohesive. On the footer of her website, I added in the gold glitter for a hint of magic.

I design my client's websites exclusively in Squarespace, which is a very user-friendly platform, so that they can easily update their site after I'm done with the initial design. Squarespace can be customized to reflect my client's special requests, and with some added coding, can turn out quite amazing!

My client requested a page to showcase her past clients, a page with her schedule, and also a gallery where she can display her magic shows and video content. I wrapped it up with a sleek contact page where prospective clients can book her services. You can take a peek at Cassandra Magic or view the screenshot below:

Website Design for Cassandra, The Songstress of Magic


As you can see, the brand and website came together seamlessly to showcase Cassandra's amazing talent! 


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