How to Create a Branded YouTube Channel Cover Using Photoshop

How to Create a Branded YouTube Channel Cover Using Photoshop

Have you ever wondered how to stay on-brand when creating your YouTube channel? If so, watch the helpful tutorial below where I talk about how to create your own custom YouTube channel cover art using Photoshop (with a few Photoshop tricks mixed in)!

Watch the video, or read more below:


Step 1

Make sure you have Photoshop! You can download the free trial here:

Step 2

I recommend using your own branded photography - show a picture of yourself, or your work! Otherwise if you're looking for a great resource to find photography, source your images using, where you can find loads of awesome free photos to use for your biz! I found this awesome cake photo to use for our faux business, The Cake Shop: Custom Cakes + Donuts.

Step 3

Download the YouTube guideline template PSD file. This template comes straight from YouTube, so you know it'll be set up correctly to help guide you in your design. To find and download the template, go to YouTube > Your Channel > then go to the lefthand menu bar and click "Help." Type in "Channel Art Sizing Guidelines" and then click "Create or Edit Channel Art - Computer." Scroll down to the dropdown menu where it says "Image size & file guidelines" and then scroll down to click "Channel Art Templates." This will pop up an instant download of the Photoshop template file that you can use to design your channel art.

Step 4

Watch my tutorial above to see how I use the template to create this gorgeous branded YouTube channel cover art in Photoshop! Some things I show include: placing images, creating a custom shape with the pen tool, creating a layer mask to edit around the photo, and exporting this file as a JPG so it will show up well on YouTube! Your finished channel art will be sized correctly so that it shows up well on TV, desktop, mobile and tablet views.

Finished YouTube channel cover art

 That's our finished project!

Step 5

Get creative! Use your own logo, brand color palette and tagline to bring your YouTube channel cover art to life! Remember, it's important to keep your brand cohesive across your website and all of your social media platforms, as this will help elevate your professionalism, build trust, and get your clients coming back for more!

Step 6

Don't forget your "channel icon" or "profile picture!" I recommend either using your logo or a clear headshot of you for this image. This can be created in Photoshop as well, and set up as 800 x 800 (pixels) square. Once your logo or image is placed into Photoshop, simply save this as a JPG and upload to YouTube.

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