New Brand Design for Just Be

I was very grateful when a past client of mine contacted me that she needed a new brand design for her upcoming Life Balance Coaching business called "Just Be." Emily was great to work with in the past and I was excited to get started.


Exploring Logo Design Options

After finding out Emily's vision and direction she wanted for her new business, I was excited to get started. Emily was looking for something that "looks strong and light at the same time...comforting and trustworthy...something that evokes spirituality and well-being." She had also given me a color sample of purple tones that she liked for inspiration to use in her design.

I started out with Emily's initial logo concepts. I came up with 3 different concepts for Emily to choose from. I also pulled together a color palette based on the options she had sent me.

Emily ended up choosing the 3rd logo design option, and I went right to work on creating a sub-logo that would be a great accent to the main logo. A sub-logo, or secondary logo, can be a great option to add to your blog, when your full logo would just be too much. It can also be used as your website's favicon, or the small icon that is located right next to the name of your website in your browser tab. The sub logo can also be used as an alternate logo in any of your printed branding materials or as a watermark for your product photos. I incorporated a bohemian-style texture as the background for her sub-logo, and I love how it turned out!



Print Collateral Design

Next I went to work on her business card design. I used the same bohemian texture from her sub-logo and integrated that as the background of the front side of her business card. I found a beautiful fuchsia/lavender watercolor texture to add to the backside of her business card.



Pulling It All Together

To wrap up, I placed all of her design elements within an inspiration board, and sent it to Emily with links to the fonts that I choose, as well as her color palette.

Emily has incorporated the branding elements into her website and social media, and I am excited for her and I know she will do great with her new business venture! You can visit her site here:


*Please note: watercolor and lace textures are copyright of Adobe Stock.


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