Why I Prefer Freshbooks to Manage my Small Biz Finances

Freshbooks - Small Business Accounting Software Review

As a freelancer, mompreneur, or other small biz professional, it can be overwhelming to start your business, and manage all of your expenses. When I first started out, I decided to go with QuickBooks, because it seemed at the time that's what everyone recommended. I was excited, at first, because I could connect my bank account using their online software, and it seemed to have the features I needed.


But whoa, hold up! Once I got into the online software, the details were overwhelming, to say the least. As a designer, I consider myself pretty tech savvy, however, the amount of accounting details within this software were beyond my comprehension. The endless category labels for expenses alone was enough to make me go bananas.

Enter Freshbooks. I had seen their nifty little ad on a few of my design sites that I visited. I could tell they were targeting creative professionals with their marketing, so I thought, what the hey, I'll give it a shot. And I was so glad I did! The user interface is super simple and easy to understand. From a freelancer or online business owner's standpoint, you have everything right there to get you started quickly.

 A snapshot of my Freshbooks Dashboard - clean and easy to read!

A snapshot of my Freshbooks Dashboard - clean and easy to read!

Here are some of the reasons why using Freshbooks cloud accounting makes my life so much easier:

  • Time tracking - Just go in and set the timer, and BOOM! You can easily track the time you are spending on each project you are working on. You can then add this time to your invoice to easily bill your client.
  • PayPal payments - Select the PayPal Business Payments option for your customers to pay your invoice via PayPal and you will be charged just a 50 cent flat fee per transaction (how amazing is that?).
  • Emailing invoices - This is such a huge time-saver, and getting payments promptly is easy as pie!
  • Requesting deposits - You can add this feature to the bottom of your invoice in order to collect a deposit for an order.
  • Expenses - All of your expenses can be easily added and categorized for accounting purposes. They can also be set-up as "recurring" so you never miss adding a monthly expense.
  • Reports - Quickly pull up all of your necessary reports with the click of a button. Profit and Loss is the one I use the most.

Pricing - I started out with a small amount of clients, so intially I started with the Sprout option ($9.95/month for up to 5 clients). I am now using the Seedling option ($19.95/month) for up to 25 clients. There are unlimited client options as well.


Would you like to try Freshbooks? Click HERE to try it, they offer a 30-day free trial!

*I absolutely recommend Freshbooks (please note, I am an affiliate of Freshbooks. Please see the disclosure on the bottom of my home page) and only recommend products I trust and use on a regular basis, and those that I feel would be beneficial to my readers.

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