Top 10 Gifts For The Creative LadyBoss in Your Life

{ *Please note: This post contains some of my affiliate links, of products that I use myself or highly recommend. By clicking on them and making a purchase, I may receive a small commission - thanks! }

{ *Please note: This post contains some of my affiliate links, of products that I use myself or highly recommend. By clicking on them and making a purchase, I may receive a small commission - thanks! }


OK, the holiday season is upon us...I won't go into how it's crazy that it's already that time of the year (because it is), and how fast this year has went by (because it has). Whew! However, since we all know or love someone who is a creative #LadyBoss (or maybe it's just ourself that we know? I won't tell!)...then this guide on the Top 10 Gifts For The Creative LadyBoss in your Life will come in handy!

I swear, the amount of things that catch my eye while I'm broswing online is a little bit out of control. The newest tablet or phone, the latest software, something adorable on Etsy...entire Instagram feeds of someone I love to list of wants could go on for days! Luckily my budget doesn't allow for most of it, or I'd be in trouble. Alas, it's the time of year for giving, so let's talk about some chic and functional gifts for that creative in your life would want on her wishlist.

But first, before you order ANYTHING online this holiday season - be sure to sign up for Ebates. Ebates is amazing! They give you cash back just for shopping online. You can sign up here, and just for signing up as a new subscriber, you can choose a $10 gift card from Walmart or in Ebates Cash, FOR FREE! I have earned a nice amount of cash back over the years ($200 this year so far), and the holiday season is great for earning because most of the stores increase their percentage of cash back during this time. I recommend installing the browser extension first, so that it alerts you any time you're shopping online which stores are offering cash back. Then, you go to your Account Settings to set-up your payment account, choosing whether you want your cash back sent to your PayPal account or a mailed check - it's that simple! Cash back payouts happen on a quarterly basis.

Ok, let's get to the good stuff:

No. 1 - iPad Pro 

This baby is at the top of my wishlist this year, it's an iPad with a superhorse powers and amazing touchscreen capabilities. I would love to get one to up my illustrating game, and learn hand lettering. Buy this for your creative loved one and be ready to get tackled with a big hug!

No. 2 - iPhone Xs

The latest iPhone sounds like the best. gift. ever for your creative Apple junkie! Go ahead and spoil her this year with the iPhone Xs. I hear the new features are amazing!


No. 3 - Etsy Gift Card

Who doesn't love Etsy? Any creative that I know is always eyeing something on Etsy - always! When the buying possibilities are endless, why not just get a gift card? Easy-peesy, holiday giving!

No. 4 - Cute Mug

What creative doesn't love to have a cute, inspirational mug on her desk? These cute mugs by Hey Shabby Me on Etsy are adorable! Perfect for the #LadyBoss in your life! And at just $13.00, it's quite a good deal.

No. 5 - Simplified Planner

If the lady boss in your life is into paper planners, Emily Ley has some amazing ones in her Simplified Planner line. They incorporate beautiful graphics and planning tools that help your business and personal life. Make this year amazing and crush all your goals with the Simplified Planner! The planner retails for $58.00.

No. 6 - Subscription for Learning

I don't know any creative who doesn't want to keep learning. I offer a branding course with Photoshop that teaches you from start to finish on how to design your brand (logo, color palette, fonts, social media + more - with done-for-you templates included) the easy way! You can check it out here: Brand, Style, Design with Photoshop. Or, how about a Skillshare ($9.99/month) or Lynda (starts at $19.99 month) subscription so your entrepreneur can learn a new design or business skill? Or just ask her, I'm sure she has a new online course in mind that she'd like to take!

No. 7 - Caribou Coffee Gift Card

Coffee? Need I say more? Everyone loves coffee, but let's take a detour from Starbucks and try Caribou! I may be biased, but I love the coffee from this Minnesota-based company (my home state!) If you're in the Midwest, give it a try.

No. 8 - Wacom Intuos Draw Tablet

If an iPad Pro is out of your budget, give this Wacom Intuos Draw Tablet a try. For $69.00, it gets great reviews, and is a good tablet for for anyone wanting to learn how to illustrate their drawings, design logos, or the latest trend of beautiful hand lettering.

No. 9 - Hobby Lobby Gift Card

When my daughter and I are looking for something to do, off we go to Hobby Lobby! If you've ever been there, you know what I'm talking about. Decorate your home, your office, get new craft supplies, or ideas for a project or photo mock-up. Hobby Lobby has my heart!

No. 10 - A Stylish Scarf

Every creative needs a chic scarf to keep her warm during the holiday season, when she heads out with her laptop to work at the local coffee shop. Check out these hand knit scarves from Bo Peeps Bonnets - I love how warm they look, and the buttons are a great touch!


Alright, so fess up, which of these holiday gifts are you giving to the creative entrepreneur in your life, and which are you keeping for yourself? Or, are there any other "gotta have" items on your list? Reply in the comments, I'd love to know!