Top 5 Apps I'm Using To Manage My Freelance Design Business

I've been managing my business for quite a while, so I thought it would be useful to others to share some must-have apps that keep me running from my home studio, as well as when I'm away from my computer...

Top 5 Apps I'm Using To Manage My Freelance Design Business


1. Instagram
I was new to using Instagram for my business this past year. And I'm loving it so far. The ability to reach new, potential clients through the use of targeted graphics and hashtags is what I love the most. You can discover new clients in your target market by creating a pretty graphic with text overlay, describe a recent project your working on, or shout out your latest promotion. Then, make sure to add in your relevant hashtags. I typically will design my graphics in Photoshop (sized for Instagram) and then save them in Dropbox. Since I have Dropbox downloaded on my phone, I can just go to the Instagram, select the graphic, post it and boom. C'mon, #giveitatry!

2. EverNote
EverNote is great to install on all of your devices because it allows you to store notes, photos, attachments and more. I like it for the fact I can make lists, and they will sync to my other devices where I can add to them. If a creative idea hits me when I'm out and about, I will make a quick note in EverNote so I don't forget it. I use the free version, but there are Plus and Premium versions as well that offer additional features.

3. Dropbox
I love, love, love Dropbox! Not only do I use it as my primary storage on my iMac for all of my freelance files, I also have it synced with my smartphone to instantly download all the photos I capture. With 1TB of storage for $9.99/month, it saves me a ton of hassle because I can organize everything in one place. For me, that's priceless!

4. Pinterest
I have a deep love for Pinterest, not only for my personal use (recipes, clothes, home ideas), but for my small business as well. I love to follow fellow bloggers and designers and find a TON of useful articles as well. I have recently learned how to use this to promote my online business, and am excited to see what it brings in the future.

5. Gmail Calendar
What would I do without my online calendar? I have trained myself to put everything on here. Appointments, events, webinars I don't want to miss - all have a place on my calendar. My fave feature is the email really keeps me organized to have this all in one place, and I never forget an important event, because the alarm bell dings to remind me.

Well, that's my Top 5 - now comment below and let me know your fave apps for managing your small business (or any that are fun for personal too)! :)