Tired of having graphics that are all over the place for your business? You want to know how to style your brand in a cohesive, beautiful way, but not sure where to start? Tired of attracting the wrong clients because your branding is a hot mess?

Brand Style Design with Photoshop is for YOU!


Branding Overview:

I help you choose your color palette, make a stunning moodboard, go over your target client and get started designing!

Photoshop Basics:

Let’s go over the Photoshop dashboard and tools, make it feel less overwhelming and simplify and learn how to do ONLY the stuff you need for your business!

Simple Logo Design:

Let’s dig into Photoshop and create a simple yet polished logo that attracts your ideal customers and clients!

Social Media Graphics:

Learn how to make your brand cohesive across all social media platforms (Your blog/Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Etsy), and learn how to size your graphics for each one so they show up perfectly clear!

File sizing/re-sizing, file structure and some tech training to help you learn more about saving your graphics in the correct format.

Advanced PRO TIPS:

Learn how to create a custom product mock-up, how to cut the background out of a photo, layer masks, and putting texture behind text (i.e. gold foil letters)!

BONUS! Biz card design + PDF flyer design




DELIVERABLES: Video Course Modules, Workbook, FB Group, Templates

PRE-ORDER NOW! (Course available 10/5/18)