Testimonial Kendra Meredith

"Working with Erin was such a rewarding process! We found her work to be clean and beautiful. The process of pulling our vision together and creating a brand and website was streamlined and clear. Erin was able to accommodate our specific business needs, was eager for our feedback regarding design edits, and handled all questions/payments professionally. 

I think the most valuable aspect of our collaboration was her genuine interest and ability to connect with the values instilled in the mental health field. At the core, I truly believe Erin understood that by creating a beautiful brand and website, she was making our therapeutic services more appealing and accessible to the community. Her work was not just about helping us succeed in our business but about serving the mental health needs of everyone we reach - to me, that is a substantial and instrumental undertaking. Thank you Erin for taking our dream to reality and helping us help others!"

Dr. Kendra O'Hora & Meredith Mertens, HarCo Marriage & Family Therapy + Wellness Center