You are appreciated!

First, thank you for being such an awesome client! I've created this page to provide a little help to clients who are new to branding and web design.

On this page you'll find:

  • What each file type should be used for

  • How to create your own graphics

  • Where to get business stationery printed

  • Where you can find good stock photos

  • How I can help you in the future

File types:

I've saved your logos in really large sizes and in various file types.  Here's a breakdown of what the file types should be used for:

.JPEG This file can be used anywhere on the web and in lots of free editing programs.

.PNG This file can also be used a lot on the web. The difference is that this file has a transparent background and JPEGS do not.

.PDF This is suitable for print.

.EPS This is suitable for print. (This is the file I always prefer to use for print.)

How do I make my own graphics?

You don't need Photoshop or Illustrator to create your own graphics. Canva is a free editing program that comes with free templates for blog post and eBook templates. You can upload your logo in there and use your brand colors to keep your graphics in line with your brand. 

Alternatively, if you want a unique and perfectly branded graphics or eBook, get in touch with me for a custom quote!

Can you recommend a good printer?

If you're looking for a good printer for your business cards, stickers, postcards and more, I highly recommend Moo ( They print very in a high-quality and their customer service is brilliant. If you need any other print items going forward, please contact me and I can give you a custom quote on design and print!

Where can I find good stock photos?

My favorite stock photo resources are Unsplash and Adobe Stock.

If you want photos that a girly and feminine, try Kate Max Stock and Jana Bishop.

I need you to do a few more things for me...

No problem! I offer a variety of add-on services such as print design (business cards, flyers, billboards), digital design (social media templates), PDF design, website design (Squarespace or ShowIt), additional website pages and more. Email me at to request a quote and get started!


It’s time for us to part ways...

But that doesn’t mean I’m not here for you if you need me. If you have any questions about your brand or website that aren’t answered in this document then please email them to me at

I can't promise I'll email you back right away because, as I'm sure you understand, my immediate time goes to my current clients. However, you can be sure you'll receive a reply on Tuesdays through Thursdays between 9 - 4 pm!